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If you are looking to commission graphic design and digital artwork services,  hang around and learn how we could work together.

The success of a company's image depends on the strength of collaboration between a business owner and their chosen designer

Some business owners like to develop their brand image under their own steam, and they come to me with a firm idea of what they need. Others, contact me requiring more creative guidance, asking me to give their business concept a shape or personality. Working from my office near Banbury, I strive to support any type of business, large or small, in developing their marketing and promotional material. By taking the time to discover valuable insights into the culture and purpose of their business, I can help them to present the best possible public face to potential customers.


Logo Design

Signs or icons have been used by humans to communicate since cavemen first used coal to draw buffalo on walls. Now we recognise a beautiful logo by its pretty design, but we recognise an effective logo by its success.

Brand Identity

A brand identity is how organisations make their products or services stand out positively from the competition. A firm's vision and values can be combined to create a "personality" and if that "personality" can capture hearts it will gain commitment.

Printed Communication

The roots of graphic design lie in the desire to communicate information effectively using type and pictures on a printed page. Despite the increased use of social media, promotional applications such as brochures, flyers, posters etc remain popular.

Website Design

Businesses of all sizes need a presence online to hook customers. The key to making the most of the web is making your business as accessible as possible, letting people interact with you in a way that suits them.


About me

Since I was small girl I have had an appreciation of aesthetics, and always loved to paint and draw. I never doubted I would go to Art College and progress to illustrating children’s book.  However, my ambitions were brought up short when a tactful college lecturer proclaimed, “only an exceptional talent would forge a career in illustration, and I was not one of those exceptions….!” So quickly I had to return to the drawing board – literally. Spurned by college, I decided to look for a temporary job and through a family friend discovered graphic design. My first 6 months at the small, Worcester based, design studio was spent dividing my days between making tea, processing plate negatives in the darkroom room, and waxing hundreds of sheets of typesetting, in readiness for the super cool designers to apply to their carefully considered page layouts. Despite the lack of opportunity to exhibit my creativity, I was not deterred, and eventually I progressed to working on Kays catalogue pages (retro reference for all those over 40 years of age), and designing stationery for small businesses. I was in my element, so I stayed in the industry and aimed to gain as much experience in every graphic application I could.

My experience

Fast forwarding around thirty years of design experience, and I can report to have been employed by design agencies, printers and corporate in-house design studios. I have worked on design projects of all sizes, for clients in many industry sectors, gaining an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of design and printing processes along the way.

This wealth of experience gave me confidence to finally go it alone when I founded Raw Inspirations in 2001, after leaving full time employment to focus on bringing up my son. Since then, I have spent most of the last eighteen years working with local, small and medium businesses, creating a variety of effective visual communications.

If you'd like a hand to build your brand's personality or just need a new business card get in touch, I'd love to meet you.